Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ASU Libraries

Everyone should know that not every person can be trusted. Especially when it comes to being on the internet. The internet is a place where people can go to find the latest news, articles on specific information, and about everything else one can think of. Also, anyone is able to make a website and that is where the problem comes in. Robert Harris, a writer and educator for over five years says that “unlike most traditional information media, no one has to approve the content before it is made public.” Anyone can post pretty much anything on the web and its accuracy on a topic can be very questionable. Instead of relying on search engines to find information, students should visit a library instead. I library offers students scholarly articles, research databases, and books that could assist them on their topic.

Libraries have scholarly articles that can be great sources when it comes to writing a paper. Scholarly articles are articles that are written by professors, doctors, psychologists, anyone who has a well respected position in the job world. When an article is written, it must go to a committee of men/women so it can be revised and changed. The writer then gets the article back to make the correct changes so it pleases everyone in the committee. If someone has to go through all that trouble just to get an article published, one knows that the information in that article is reliable. The scholarly articles were not written so that they can make a library look nice and pretty, they were written so that they can be read and used. Please stop relying on the internet so much and go read something that is actually true.

Also, another resource that students can use at their local library are the research databases. The research databases are very useful because it is jammed packed with articles, journals, and magazines. All of which your professor might recommend to use. At ASU, for instance, a student can go to any of the eight libraries and search the databases. The ASU libraries have 400 databases and you can find and reserve a book or article online if the library you are currently at doesn’t have it. Plus, a research database makes it extremely easy for a student to find exactly what they are looking for.

Lastly, students can do it the old fashioned way and actually use a book for a resource. Books are always avoided by students because they can be so lengthy and boring, but books is what got it all started. Books are very reliable when it comes to using them for a paper. Even though books are a little lengthy, they provide great information and the student learns in detail about whatever topic they are studying up on. One can not lose when it comes to using a libraries resources, one can only achieve success.


zuniga42 said...

you are right the library does have a lot of valuable resouces at our disposal. i really havent got a chance to use it to its full potential yet. in future years i know i will though. good article!

Sladjana said...

Anybody can put information that is not accurate on a website. The library makes sure that all of the information is accurate, so it’s better to use a library than to put false information in a paper because that can lower your grade.

Ashley said...

Students believe that using a book for a source in classes is old fashion, like you said; however, the books are more credited sources that the Internet websites. The internet contains a lot of biased and wrong information and it is hard to determine whether it is reliable. If students just use the resources at the library they would not have this issue.

JAZMIN said...

Knowing how to use our library is really important because it is a great resource to use and helpful to us. We do need to pay attention on the resources we use on the internet like Google because like we all know anybody can post what they want on the internet and it may be all lies. By the way good information!