Monday, October 13, 2008

Global Engagement

The world of today is facing many devastating problems and something needs to be done about it. One way of starting off is to become globally engaged. Bud Rock, Vice President for Global Engagement at Arizona State University stated that everyone “needs to be aware.” Being globally engaged not only benefits those that are being helped but those that are doing the helping. In this case global engagement is not about personal benefits, but about solving the problems the world is facing. Global engagement is important among college students because it advances the frontiers of knowledge, it will create security, and because the students will gain knowledge of other cultures.

To start off, students should be globally engaged because it will advance the frontiers of knowledge. Dealing with the problems the world is forcing people to come up with new ideas and/or inventions. It would motive people to come up with new solutions and it would create entrepreneurs as well. For instance, coming up with new solutions forms competitiveness with those who are going for the same goal, therefore, creating better technology to help those in need. Global Engagement could make every aspect of life, such as technology and education better, as long as people take the initiative and do something to help the cause.

Next, global engagement will create security around the world. We interact with people from different backgrounds and different cultures and that alone builds relationships that will grow. Also, being globally engaged will make the world a safer place because people are striven to make this world a better and safer place, therefore the people living in this world will be secure. Secure from things such as global warming or anything that is threatening Earth.

Lastly, with global engagement, student gain knowledge of other cultures. Global engagement enables people to be open around people from different cultures and understanding those people. Before anyone does anything to benefit anyone, they must understand the type of people they are working with. Because if they are doing it to help those people, they must learn what will make their way of living better.

Being globally engaged is important if we plan to change the outcome of this world. The world is facing many problems and we are the solution. The only way to do this is to come together with people that have different views and perspectives and work together to come up with a solution. So go out there and do something that this world can benefit from.


Lindsay said...

I think that everyone becoming aware is the first step towards being globally engaged.

Rosemary said...

It is practically our duty to be informed about what goes on in the world because like stated in the presentation, it affects all of us.

JAZMIN said...

Great post and really good points!
I agree with you of us being the solution to fix our community. I believe if everyone would be cleaner and the community would have less pollution our community will not be as bad as it is. But it will take a long time because people do not listen. :(

Alex said...

Great post! I definitelly agree that being globally engaged will create security. The better relations we have with different countries, the closer we are to a world of peace.